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Mille Miglia

JD Classics & The Mille Miglia

As a Gold Sponsor, JD Classics is proud to be a key partner for the Mille Miglia

Regularly described as ‘The Most Beautiful Race in the World’, the Mille Miglia is a real jewel in the crown of the historic racing calendar.

Running 1000 miles from Brescia to Rome and back to Brescia via the beautiful cities of Modena, Siena, Verona and more, it’s the ultimate test of car and driver.

As a major sponsor of the Mille Miglia, JD Classics is in the unique position of having a large number of guaranteed places for the event – one of the most oversubscribed in the world. But JD Classics can’t just help you enter, it can guarantee you make the most of it, too.

The preparation begins at our facility in Maldon months ahead of the Mille Miglia. Many thousands of hours will be spent on the vehicles in the pristine JD Classics Race Shop, on-track and on-road testing to deliver uncompromising reliability and performance in Italy over the four all-important May competition days.

At the end of each day’s driving, supported all the time by a JD Classics vehicle, the crew will carefully and thoroughly review the cars, working on them through the night to ensure they’re in peak condition for the next day. In the last two years, JD Classics’ 20 entries to the Mille Miglia have all crossed the finish line without major issue – a testament to the impeccable preparation and support of the team.

After returning to Brescia, and completing the spectacular Mille Miglia finish, our customers enjoy the post-race celebrations whilst their cars are carefully loaded on to JD’s F1-spec transporters and driven across Europe back to base at Maldon. Post-race inspection, review and servicing takes place before cars are set up to meet the specific needs of whichever event they’re headed to next.