Innovations to enhance the experience of driving period cars in modern conditions.

JD Classics has a long history in restoring Jaguars and other marques such as Ferrari, Lamborghini etc. Indeed we are probably the largest restorers in the world. It was in the course of developing our restorations business that we looked closely at these cars as they were built in period and tasked ourselves with making them more suitable to today’s driving conditions, should a customer require.

Out of this was born the JD UPGRADES division based within our facility here at Maldon. In this state of the art facility we combine hands on traditional methods with modern technology in designing the best and most suitable upgrades for all makes of classic cars.

Whether it’s as simple as a more modern braking system or climate control for a Mercedes Gullwing our team relish the challenge and apply their collective experience to these tasks. These upgrades do not detract from the cars originality as all components are generally hidden. Of course should the client decide to return the car to its true “original” state all upgrades are designed so they can be reversed easily.

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Our Bodyshop Fabrication department is best known for its ability to remake panels from any metal for any classic car. We have fabricated many different panels for a number of famous classic cars that sadly have needed more than TLC. However this is always done with the utmost respect for the provenance and history of the car and indeed a JD restoration with all its associated parts actually adds value to the car. We are proud to work on classic cars of interest but we are as passionate about any classic car, as we are all enthusiasts at JD, so understand when owners entrusts a car to us to have panels remade and inspected they are as proud of the car as we are of the work we do to it.

Fabrication does not stop or start at panelwork. When asked to convert a classic car from RHD to LHD, or vice versa, generally original dashboards etc are unavailable. Our Fabrication department is able to make the dashboard out of the same materials as the original to fit the relevant car. Our team remakes and rebuilds any metal part for any classic car.

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