So how much is that classic car really worth? And how much can you afford to lose if your current valuation is way out?

Both serious classic car collectors and part-time enthusiasts alike depend on accurate and reliable valuations of their vehicles. With owners investing so much of their time and savings in their pride and joys, inaccurate estimations can have disastrous consequences - underestimate and the true costs of repair or replacement won’t be covered.

With years of experience buying and selling prestige vehicles worldwide, JD Classics can give you a wholly dependable classic car valuation based on a number of key criteria, including age, condition, rarity and provenance.

So talk to JD Classics when you are looking for classic car valuations you can rely on. Simply use our Enquiry Form to e-mail your query, call us on +44 (0)1621 879579 or fax us on +44 (0)1621 850370.

Vehicle Valuation Service

JD Classics’ Vehicle Inspection team can travel anywhere in the world to give you an accurate valuation and assessment of any classic vehicle. We will tell you exactly what you are getting when buying a classic car, wherever it is worldwide, and the precise value of any car you are selling. With tens of thousands of pounds often at stake, the peace of mind our experienced and qualified mechanics bring can be priceless.

At the heart of our thorough inspection is a full mechanical check. All major areas of the vehicle are assessed, from the bodywork, interior, steering, transmission and front and rear suspension, to the ignition and electrics.

You will receive a verbal summary of your report in person or by telephone, and a full written vehicle condition/advice report, usually within five working days. This includes a valuation you can rely on and, on request, a list of recommended works and a data check to confirm the car’s provenance.

With all our years of experience, JD Classics is in the ideal position to help. So call us on +44 (0)1621 879579 to get a quotation and to book your JD Classics Vehicle Inspection check today.

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