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Mille Miglia

JD Classics & The Mille Miglia

As a Gold Sponsor, JD Classics is proud to be a key partner for the Mille Miglia

JD Classics has long been associated with the Mille Miglia, entering & supporting 10 to 15 cars each year, but in 2015, JD became an official Event Partner.

During the race every JD team car is followed by a JD support vehicle specially fitted out with full tools and equipment to ensure not even a puncture slows progress. Customers racing with the JD team are truly ahead of the game.

At the end of each day’s stage, the JD team cars are carefully and thoroughly reviewed and worked on overnight (often into the very small hours), keeping vehicles in absolute peak condition for the next leg of the adventure.

After returning to Brescia on the last day for the spectacular Mille Miglia finish, our customers enjoy the post-race celebrations whilst their cars are carefully loaded on to JD’s F1-spec transporters and driven across Europe back to base at Maldon. Post-race inspection, review and servicing takes place before cars are set up to meet the specific needs of the next race in the calendar.

As part of JD’s sponsorship and commitment to the Mille Miglia as a key event partner, we were delighted to host the ‘JD Classics Welcome Lounge’ at the Competitor base in Brescia, serving Champagne, refreshments and canapés to drivers and co-pilots to the 450 historic entrant cars. Our 25 strong team of competition support technicians, engineers and event staff shared the exciting pre-race atmosphere with our clients and the many competitors we got to know for the first time over the three preparation and scrutineering days.

For JD, the Mille Miglia is all about ensuring our clients experience of ‘The Most Beautiful Race in the World’ is one of pure - uninterrupted - enjoyment. The JD event team’s commitment and dedication is extraordinary – a level of total support unmatched at the event.

But our job all begins at our restoration facility in Maldon in the UK, where we start preparing Mille Miglia team cars (both JD vehicles and those of our customers) many months in advance – in fact we have already begun on our 2016 entrant cars. Many thousands of hours will be spent on these vehicles in the pristine JD Race Shop, on-track and on-road testing to deliver uncompromising reliably and performance in Italy over the four all important May competition days.

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